Default measurements used in Word



I've recently updated to Office 2003 from Office 2000 on my laptop. When
using Word, I prefer my default measurements for margins, tabs etc to be in
inches. I have inches selected in the Tools/Options/Mesurement Units,
however the horizontal ruler displays a scale which is not inches (or
centimetres, millimetres, points or picas). When selecting Format/Tabs, the
default tab stops are entered as "3.27 ch". The margins are in inches as are
the automatic bullet and numbering positions. The ruler display and default
tab stops do not change irrespective of what measurement unit is selected in
Options although the margin settings etc reflect the measurement unit
selected. Can anyone solve this dilemma for me? Needless to say, I did not
experience these problems with Word 2000!


This is a bug introduced into Word deliberately by Microsoft, with the sole
intention of distressing the dreadful minority of the world who still is
prepared to come out of the imperial closet and proclaim a preference for
antedeluvian measurement units. Live with characters or die!

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