Default file version.


Toobi-Won Kenobi

Is it possible to set Word 2007 to always save as an earlier version of Word
by default?
The problem has arisen since replacing a WXP desktop (one of three) with a
Vista PC.
The user bought Office 2007 (the PC vendor told her that other versions will
not work on Vista!) and she is finding it very difficult to use compared to
Word 2003.
Also, documents she sends to clients created in Word 2007 are proving
difficult to open by the majority of them.
I know it is easy to do a "save as" and choose the word version, but if she
forgets and hits "save" she has to reopen and save it again, wasting time.
All PCs use a central document save location and she would like not having
to worry about not forgetting to change the version each time she saves.


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