Default domain policy is corrupt! help




I have a DC whose default domain policy is corrupt - or atleast looks
like it is. When I go into AD, to the GP tab and try to edit the
default domain policy I get error that "failed to open group policy
object." So next I browsed to the gp folder within sysvol and the
corresponding .adm file is missing for the the default domain policy.

This seems to be causing problems with other policies from taking
effect. So now I am trying to remove the default domain policy or
atleast link it to a new set of adm files. Is there any way to do this?

I have a Windows 2000 network with a W2K server sp4. Thanks for any

- Raheem





Well if you really want to recreate your default domain policy you can
run the tool called recreatedefpol.

Windows 2000 Default Group Policy Restore Tool

But this tool will recreate both the default domain policy and the
default domain controller policy. What you can do is to backup your
default domain controller policy, run the above tool and then bring the
default domain controller policy from backup unless you record all the
settings you have set in the default domain controller policy before
recreating to default and changing the settings in the new default
domain controller policy.

I would verify that the policy is corrupt in the first place before
recreating it as there are probably a lot of settings you will have to
record and reapply.

Good luck

Harj Singh
Asset Managment done right


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