Decrypt Filestream of MS Word Password protected File



C#, VS2005, Office2003.

I have a MS Word File that is password protected and the password is known
to me. Is it possible to create a filestream of the word document and then
decrypt the filestream since i know the password. I mean, the output after
decryption of the Filestream should be identicle to a filestream of the same
MS Word file without password protection. Please help.

Tony Jollans

No, or, at least, not easily. The file is not held as, nor encrypted as, a
single stream. It is a compound document and (some of) the individual
streams within it are encrypted. I am no expert in this, but, in theory, if
you break the file into individual streams you can determine the encryption
provider used and may be able to decrypt individual streams and put the
document back together.

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