Decimal point in general format


phoenix native

Since I switched to someone's computer, same program, and I'm updated my date
in excel, I'm having trouble trying to get rid of a decimal point in a cell.
My column is in numerical order, no decimal point or fractions. Now when I
type in my next number, it automatically gives a decimal point (thinking it
is working with currency). I tried changing the format in the cell, but it
won't change it as a whole number. I'm also trying to figure out why it can
not recognize $ and insert the decimal point automatically. This is a
different column where I record currency. For example, I would type in 500
and it would come out as 5.00. Before it used to automatically recognize it
as $500.00. Now I have to punch in 4 zeros just for it to insert the decimal
in the correct digit.

What am I doing wrong?


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