DC demotion




we currently have two old servers acting as domain controllers in our
company. We plan to purchase two new machine to replace the current servers.
The two new DCs will have win2k3 installed. Ideally, we plan to introduce the
two new 2k3 machines into the current forest and transfer the FSMO roles and
GC to the appropriate machines (2k3), after that is completed we plan to
demote the 2k machines. Since the the very first DC in this forest is a win2k
machine, do I need to do anything in particular to demote it? Also, do I need
to tranfer any other functions to the 2k3 servers before demoting the 2k DCs
other than FSMO and GC?

Thanks in advance,

Stefano Olzai


Thanks a lot Doug. I wasn't sure if I had to take additional steps to demote
the first DC from the forest.


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