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Ever since the daylight savings time change this past Sat/Sun, all my Outlook
calendar items are wrong by 1 hr. I've talked with both AT&T (provider) and
HTC (phone manufacturer) and none of their fixes work. We went into Outlook
on the computer and selected/unselected the "adjust for daylight savings
time" box, shutdown/restarted the computer, synched and resynched my phone,
etc, etc, but to no avail. Is anyone else experiencing this problem... is
Microsoft planning a patch for this issue? AT&T's answer was that I would
need to manually adjust all my calendar appointments every time this happens
(ie, every 6 months). I don't plan on doing that, so am hoping it's an
Outlook issue and there will be a fix for it.



Bob I

Should, but the proof is in the results. I was thinking there was also
an earlier Windows XP patch, but you may have already put it on.


I have a similar problem, but only on SOME of my appointments. It seems as
if recurring appointments were updated to the correct time, but individual
appointments weren't. This is sure frustrating.


I realize this isn't a chat room. My intention for my post was to indicate
my problem persisted after performing the steps outlined in the thread. My
only mistake was not stating this more clearly. My hope was that I would
possibly get further suggestions on how to correct the issue. What I didn't
expect was to be provided discussion group ettiquete of which I'm well aware.

Bob I

No, by posting in this thread, all you did was introduce noise into THIS
thread. IF you were truly aware as claimed, you wouldn't have done that.


No, by posting in this thread, all you did was introduce noise into THIS
thread. IF you were truly aware as claimed, you wouldn't have done that.

- Show quoted text -

can you just answer the question??


My appointments were an hour early on my PDA also. I had installed the
patches on my computer and the PDA and restarted the PDA, but they were still
I changed the time zone on the PDA to Eastern Time and then back to Central
time, and that made the entries on the PDA appear at the right time.
I don't think it matters what time you change to before you change back. I
think just changing the time zone fixes it.
When the DST changes first came into effect, we used to have to change time
zones on some computers to get it working right, too.


Bob I,

I think that your reply is poor and pointless at best. When someone is
looking for a solution to a problem, it is widely accepted to post messages
of this nature. Perhaps, a better approach for you to take would have been
to either (1) answer the original question; or (2), simply not reply with
such an arrogant response. Understand that being helpful to others does not
make you weak.

BTW, jlucpicard, our organization too am experiencing the same problem.

Bob I

Sorry, but the issue at hand is a case of thread jumping and in this
case your post is, to use your term "poor and pointless at best". Wendy
was in this thread receiving assistance on her issue, while "jlucpicard"
was receiving assistance in his own thread only caused by a different
issue and having different symptoms. He merely added noise and confuses
the issue, much like that which you have now repeated. And WHICH same
problem are you experiencing? Wendys'? Or "jlucpicard"s? Perhaps it is
a noise problem. As to solving your "same problem" the answer is either
in this thread if you are the same as "Wendy" or the other one if you
are the same as "jlucpicard". So now I'll leave you to pick and apply
the correct solution to your "same problem".


Bob I,

My apologies to WendyD. I failed to acknowledge her in my post. I realize
that this mistake on my part may have been quite confusing to you so I will
indulge myself and clarify to you Bob I.

The symptom our organization is experiencing revolves around Outlook and
Daylight Savings Time (DST). In WendyD's original post, she specifies that
*all* her calendar items are off by 1 hr. In the case of jlucpicard, *some*
of his appointments are off by 1 hr. Not sure about, Bob I, but in my mind,
these appear to be similar symptoms, and; probably caused by the same
problem. If it is still not clear to you, BOTH of these persons are seeking
information on a problem which quite obviously revolves around DST.
Hopefully, we can agree on this.

Now, to answer your question, I am looking for a solution to a problem that
is very similar to what both (WendyD and jlucpicard) commented on. In your
mind, your idea of being helpful does not seem to be inline with the general
idea of collaboration, which is the very essence of these forums.
Personally, it appears to me that you seem to be more focused on attacking
people on the basis that you dislike the idea of other people doing something
completely different than what you expect. To be more specific, what you are
doing is a form of argumentum ad hominem, which quite frankly has absolutely
no place on a site like this. Furthermore, even as I made my comment to you,
once again your arrogance got in the way of your better judgement; and,
instead of recognizing your shortcomings, you chose to continue pointing out
meaningless things about my post. And still, providing no insight on the
issues/symptoms/comments/posts/remarks/questions/bugs/behavior/whatever at

I realize that parts of this post are probably too much for you to deal
with, so; I submit to you that you take your time and really analyze it.
Believe me, based on what little character you have displayed here (and
probably will continue to display here or elsewhere), you could use it. BTW,
apologies to all of you who are looking for help on any issues that sound
remarkably similar to whatever you have found here. WendyD or jlucpicard or
anyone else (outside of Bob I, of course), please, if you have a solution to
the symptom originally outlined by WendyD, please post it back in here. I
still need to address an issue that sounds very close to yours.

Bob I

Standard practice in these groups is for each user to state the
particulars of their unique problem in their own thread. Otherwise it
turns into a rambling mess of contradictory symptoms. Might I suggest
you review the thread "Problems with Daylight Savings" in which
"jlucpicard" was receiving assistance. If those symptoms reflect yours
and the remedy offered corrects your issue, great. Otherwise, I suggest,
as is normal for these "tag on postings", that you start your own thread
and state your symptoms explicitly. Yes, it is related to DST, but since
SOME and ALL are not the same nor even similar, certainly not the same
cause or remedy. I hope this clarifies the situation with this closed
thread, and you will get the solution to your issue.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

The problem is there are many causes and figuring out which one affects you
requires us to know specific details about your problem. This also helps
others who find the thread via google or live search - they can read the
symptoms and details and if it sounds exactly like their problem, fix it
without ever posting here.

If Wendy's problem is the entire calendar it means the time zone or DST
setting changed and she didn't run the appointment updater. jlucpicard's
problem of some appointments could mean the DST update that extends DST into
march is not installed. If only meeting requests are wrong, one of the
computers is not on the correct TZ/DST. If you're syncing with a device, the
device and computer are on different zones.

There are also other little oddities that someone might post about - one
example is an anomaly in how outlook displays times the week the time
changes (

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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