datetime field display



Have a form with a table as Record Resource. There's a datetime field in
the table which I would like to break down programmatically and display in
two unbound controls: a "hour" combo box and a "minute" combo box. If the
user selects other values in the combos, I would like to update the datetime
field accordingly. I prefer not having the user to touch the date portion
of the datetime field.

What's the "proper" way to implement this? Do I need to initiate another
read of the record to populate the unbound combos? If so at what point
(event) should I do that? Thanks for any advice.

Using: Access 2007, SQL Server 2000

Jeff Boyce

A suggestion before you proceed any further ...

Consider using a query against that table as your data source for the form.
This would give you a way to use only portions of the table and/or modified
portions (e.g., your time-only info).

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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What I do for a date stamp is put a field in my table called Last_Updated.
Then a textbox with the control source of Last_Updated. Then I will put a
command button for the users to save thier changes and in the onclick of the
button I put:
You may have to change that around for minutes and hours if you want to
record those.

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