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Hi. I have a combo box that is based on a view. The combo displays a
beginning time and an end time for a class. I have the datetime field
converted so that it displays only the time as such: CONVERT(nchar(20),
dbo.tblClasses.BegTime, 108) AS Beg_Time. This displays the time in
military format like 13:00:00. I would like it to show 1:00 PM instead.
Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.



Hi again. I wonder if you would have another quick solution for
the same combo box, i show the cost for the class which is a money
column. In the display of the combo box it shows fine: $250.00. But,
on my form, i have an unbound text box that displays the cost after a
class is chosen from the combo box. But, it is not displaying it
properly, it is showing 250. I formatted the text box as currency and
even tried using a custom format $###.00 but i still just get 250. Any

giorgio rancati


Put in textbox's controlsource
(check column number)
and put Currency in its Format properties


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