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We typically download our photos from the camera onto at
least two of our 3 computers for redundancy. I recently
came across the Detail category of "Date Picture Taken",
which is really cool. However, no data is being
displayed in this column for one of our computers. They
are all the same photos taken with the same camera and
downloaded at approx the same time. The 2 PCs it does
display on are a WinXP Pro and a WinXP Home edition. The
one it will not display on is a WinXP Pro. The data must
be stored as part of the file when it is created, so it
should be there. Why would it not display?

John Inzer

Maybe the following command will restore
the dates for you:

go to...Start / Run and type:

(without the quotes)(Yes, there's
a space between 2 and S)


BTW, you can right click an image and choose
Properties / Summary tab / Advanced button
for more interesting image info.


John Inzer
Picture It! MVP
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