Date format changes in mail merge using Excel worksheet as data



Using an excel spreadsheet as data in a mail merge, date format changes from
dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy

Shane Devenshire


This is really a Word question. But actually I'm not sure if you are asking
why it occurs or how to change it.

Dave Peterson

You may want to read some tips for mailmerge.

The first is from David McRitchie and the second is by Beth Melton and Dave

And if you notice problems with the formatting of data (like zipcodes)...

Debra Dalgleish posted this:

There's an article on the Microsoft web site that might help you:

Answer Box: Numbers don't merge right in Word

And if you prefer the old Mail Merge helper, Word MVP Suzanne Barnhill
has instructions here:

about half way down the page.

I often cheat instead of racking my brain.

I'll insert another column (probably hidden!) and use:
(or whatever format I want)
and use that field in the mailmerge.

(Cheating doesn't bother me anymore <vbg>.)

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