Preserving date format



Does anyone know how I can preserve my date format (dd/mm/yy) when doing a
mail merge from Excel to Word? I would like to show either dd/mm/yy or 10
February 2010, but it keeps being switched round to American format


Dave Peterson

Debra Dalgleish posted this:

There's an article on the Microsoft web site that might help you:

Answer Box: Numbers don't merge right in Word

And if you prefer the old Mail Merge helper, Word MVP Suzanne Barnhill
has instructions here:

about half way down the page.

I often cheat instead of racking my brain.

I'll insert another column (probably hidden!) and use:
(or whatever format I want)
and use that field in the mailmerge.

(Cheating doesn't bother me anymore <vbg>.)

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