Assume I have a DataGridView with these column headers in this sequence.
Batch Number TimeLeft Moment

I execute an sql select statement that give me these 10 rows se below. Here
each column match the column header in the DataGridView.
So the result in column 1 is Batch.
Result from column 2 is Number
Result from column 3 is TimeLeft
Result from column 4 is Moment.
36 131 241:22 Pack
36 103 141:44 Pick Y
36 109 198:54 Pick H
36 119 123:12 Pick A
36 129 112:54 Pick I
36 139 118:12 Pick M
36 111 141:65 Pick P
36 133 191:22 Pick D
36 115 111:99 Pick N
36 118 116:91 Pick X

Now assume that I want to display all these 10 rows in a DataGridView in the
that 36 must be displayed with a + sign and when clicking on the + the
screen is displaying what is shown just below here with 36 shown only once.
Batch Number TimeLeft Moment
131 241:22 Pack
103 141:44 Pick
109 198:54 Pick H
119 123:12 Pick A
36 129 112:54 Pick I
139 118:12 Pick M
111 141:65 Pick P
133 191:22 Pick D
115 111:99 Pick N
118 116:91 Pick X

Can somebody give me some suggestions how this can be done. I just wonder if
I create two DataTable with a DataRelation in between in the DataSet will
automatically create a + sign for column Batch.


Frank Uray

Hi Tony

Well, I am using Infragistics Grid, there it is possible
to create a DataSet with two tables and relation between
the two tables.
If the relation is set correctly, the grid shows the + automaticly.

Maybe this works also with the standard Grid ?? Try it.

Best regards
Frank Uray

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