Database Password Issue With Oracle



I have a 2003 database that has a front end and a back end. The back end is
on a shared drive. I had an IT person create a link to an Oracle view. We
have a Peoplesoft system. This link required a password, which is static. We
put it in once and that is all. When the database opens, it runs a procedure
in a module that uses the links to the Oracle view to retrieve new
information that was added since the last time the database was opened. This
is usually within fifteen minutes. I have a series of queries that perform
this procedure.

I was asked to secure the back end with a password. (This is not military
intelligence so we don’t have to use SQL, which we will use at a later time.)
I put a password on the back end database. Now when the front end is opened,
it stops on the first line of that procedure and gives the message, “Not a
valid password.†Anybody know what is going on?

Thanks for your help.



Stefan Hoffmann

hi Arturo,

I was asked to secure the back end with a password.
Use appropriate permissions on your shared folder and use integrated
Windows authentication for Oracle. Everything else is voodoo.

--> stefan <--


There are some issues here that I cannot control. All this was in place when
I inherited the project.

The shared folder is used by several people. There could be over 100 people
using that folder. The Access database could be used by as many as fifty
different people, but not at the same time. This position is assigned to two
people on each shift.

We have XP on our computers, but the network uses a Windows 2003
environment. The IT people are very territorial and will offer no help. The
Oracle link took over 6 months to get. Then they were upset when they found
out we had other ideas. You see, they were going to do what we were trying to
do, but that is always next year.

So, can you simplify your approach? That is, do you know of a way that would
get around all the permissions and allow me to password protect the back end



David Mulholland

Really pretty easy. Since you password-protected the back-end, the tables in
your front-end linked to that back-end can't get past the password. All you
need to do is delete the linked tables from the front-end and re-link. The
relink process will prompt you for the password.

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