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Apr 8, 2014
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Hi All,
My problem is that I am a real dummy with excel. I have searched loads of sites without success through lack of specific information including where to put the formulae, everyone seems to think you know, and as for microsoft, well that’s complete goobledegook. I used to write Standard Operating Procedures for young people in engineering and believe me if you don’t tell them to open the book before writing they will write on they cover. They do any way but at least I told them to open it!!

To get to the point: in Excel 2003
I would like to automatically update a summary sheet which will be sheet 1 (called Summary) with a number of financial and text cells on the same row from many worksheets within the same workbook. Each work sheet could have a different number of rows with cells that to be copied (but always the same cells to be copied) and all are columns contain the same formatting (if any). The cells to be copied do not have any summation.
I want the summary sheet to show/list the rows from sheet 2 called: company name a, followed by the rows from sheet 3 called: company name b etc
Rows and data will be added to existing columns in worksheets as I receive it and will need to automatically update the Summary sheet.
At the moment I have approx 50 company names and this will increase.
The column headings within each worksheet are:
Column a: Supplier (formatted general)
Column b: Purchase Order (formatted general)
Column d: Article number (formatted general)
Column g: Quantity (formatted number)
Column p: Total for cost for all units (formatted currency)
Column t: Delivery required by (formatted date)
Column u: Delivery due by (formatted date)

So, I need to transfer maybe:
10 rows from sheet 2 (company a) + 18 rows from sheet 3 (company b) + 27 rows sheet 4 (company c) etc.

Ideally I would like the data transferred to the Summary using columns a through g (no gaps)

I need know where to put the formulae (ideally copy & paste your solution)

Thanks in anticipation from a genuine DUMMY
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