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Lisa b

I have word 2007 and seem to be having a problem with copy and paste. I dont
know how this happened but everytime i go to copy text either within the
document or from another screen. it pastes a print screen of current
document, complete with toolbar borders and edges. when i go to delete pop up
comes on saying "2 or 24" to clear space delete but they won't delete, I
have been to help screen the word options advanced cut and paste tab and
nothing seems to help. I don't know if it is bug in program but all can do
is paste and all it pastes is a "print screen" image of current document
instead of selected text or graphic..someone help


That appears to be a bug of some sort that is not particularly aimed just for
word. Does it do the same thing with other programs? If you have an
anti-virus make sure to update and run a complete scan of the system. Also,
consider uninstalling and re-installing Office. I am sorry you are

Let me know how it goes,

Graham Mayor

Re-installing rarely achieves anything useful. In this instance I would
check for macros called EditPaste and EditCopy which may be modifying the
default behaviour - and check what the default keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C and
CTRL+V are assigned to.
See also then or

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