Custom Sorts



I can't duplicate your problem in Excell 2002. I have
tried various custom lists, and multiple column sorts,
and they always work correctly.

When you select your custom sort order, is the Case
Sensitive box checked? I tried this with an all lower
case custom list, but I capitalized the first letter of
each word in my data to be sorted. The sort defaulted to
alphabetical rather than using my sort order.
-----Original Message-----
I am trying to use a sort based on a custom sort which I
have added to a custom list defined by going to TOOLS and
I then select the range of cells I want to sort, go to
DATA SORT OPTIONS and select the custom list. After
selecting OK, I am defaulted back to the basic SORT
Window. I select the cell that contains the sort data
from my custom list. However, it then sorts it
alphabetically, instead of looking at my custom sort.


Boy am I dumb! I just re-read LEB's response and changed all the letters in my customized list to lower case--Then by worked. Thanks so much!

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