Custom list limited to 255 characters? (XL 2007)


Malin D

I have a client who claims that she could create longer custom lists in Excel
2003 compared to the limit of 255 characters that she managed to Exceed when
trying to regain her customizations in the newly installed Office.

It seems as if she is right? Anyone else who had this problem or can point
me towards a better solution?


EXCEL 2007

Hit F1 to launch the F1 Help Facility

Type in:-

EXCEL Specifications And Limits

- in the Search box then hit Search.

Inspect the topic.

Ctrl-F to lauch Find then, in the find field, type in:-


This returns a FEATURE of Custom functions giving a MAXIMUM LIMIT of:-

Limited by available memory

If my comments have helped please hit Yes.

Malin D

But this is not a custom function it is a built in list? What I am trying to
figure out is if this limit is a new limit in XL2007 or if it was limited to
the same size in 2003 (which my rather skilled client claims.)

I have scanned the entire limit page in the help feature but I don't think
that this feature is listed.

Thanks for your help so far.

Dave Peterson

I created a string of 369 characters -- 10 elements of 36 characters each plus
the 9 comma separators.


I used xl2003 and could create that custom list successfully via the
Tools|Options|Custom Lists dialog box.

I loaded up xl2007 and tested it with the same stuff (excel
options|Popular|create custom list dialog). It failed and gave me a warning
that only the first 255 characters would be kept.

So the limit sure looks like it changed between versions.


But that doesn't mean she should give up.

I could still make a custom list longer than 255 in xl2007 (and xl2003, by the
way) by picking it up from a range.

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