Excel --> Excel data copy truncated at 255 characters



I've got a client who was copying text from one worksheet to another,
where the text was being truncated at 255 characters. Both worksheets
were created using Excel 2002. It works fine on my PC with the same
spreadsheets and same version of Excel. I couldn't figure out the
problem for the life of me.

My client figured it out on her own. The problem? She's using dual
monitors, and was copying from a spreadsheet on one to a spreadsheet
on the other. Once she tried doing it without going across monitors,
the text was no longer truncated.

If that don't beat all....



Jon Peltier

Is there a separate instance of Excel on each monitor? It's probably a
matter of copying from one Excel instance into the Windows clipboard, then
into the other Excel instance. Copying from one worksheet window to another
within one instance of Excel doesn't launder the clipboard contents through
the Windows clipboard.

- Jon

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