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I have a custom form, IPM.Note.Message, with some hidden
fields. In the vb script code on the form, Item_Send
will reset the MessageClass back to IPM.Note and then
send it out. I ran Outlook Spy on these emails. The
MessageClass is IPM.Note but all the hidden fields are
still there. If I take out the code in Item_Send, the
emails are sent out using IPM.Note.Message. I ran
Outlook Spy on these emails, the MessageClass is IPM.Note
not IPM.Note.Message. All the hidden fields are there
too. What's wrong? Thanks.

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Changing the value of the MessageClass does not delete data that already
exists in the item, i.e. the values in your custom fields. If you want to
delete that data, you'll have to clear the fields or delete them.

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