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I am setting up a shared contacts folder (exchange enviroment) can you please
help me with these 3 questions:

1) My understanding is that its not a good idea to play with the general
page in the contact form. My plan is to use the (P.2) page. Can i set this to
be the default page that one seen when opening the contact?

2) Can i share just a contacts subfolder?

3) Depending on the answer to #2 I will be sharing this folder. does the
form have to be published on each individual computer?

Thank You,

Sue Mosher [MVP]

1) Yes, by using code behind the form to display a particular page when the
item opens, e.g.:

Function Item_Open()
Set insp = Item.GetInspector
insp.SetCurrentFormPage "Name of your P.2 page"
Set insp = Nothing
End Function

2) Yes, but unless you're using Outlook 2007, you'll also have to grant
Folder Visible access to all the folders farther up the hierarchy tree from
that one.

3) No, you should publish the form to the folder.


Thank you!

Can you help me with #2? When shoosing to open a shered folder it seems to
only give the main contact folder.

Thank you

Sue Mosher [MVP]

Is this in reference to your other thread? In the future, please reply to
the original thread, rather than starting a new one that contains incomplete

In Outlook 2007, for non-mail folders, the owner of the mailbox containing
the folder can share it with others by sending them a sharing message.
Recipients get a button in the message to open the shared folder. See

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