New Contact entry (custom form) get saved in a public folder and doesn't appear in Outolook Contacts


Alexey Titov


Can anyone help me with this please: I have a custom Contacts form which I
published to a public Exchange forder.
Now when I try to create a new contact with it and save it - new contact
gets saved in same folder where the form is published.

What am I doing wrong? Folder setup or some other settings?
Also, if it matters, form has additional ActiveX (MSMonthView, mscomct2.ocx)
control in it, I register controls on client's pc and add a registry entry,
like described in


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

If the form is published to the folder that's where it will be opened. I'm
assuming that it's not published anywhere else, since publishing in more
than one place is a really bad thing.

If you want the form available somewhere else publish it somewhere else such
as the Organizational Forms library or the Personal Forms library.

Alexey Titov


Thank you for your reply,
but I mean that NEW CONTACTS, created with that form, when user selects
File->New->ChooseForm, are saved there as separate files - and don't appear
in Outlook

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

If the forms are in public folders they are in Outlook.

As I said, you need to publish to another location.

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