cursor disappears



Word 2002.

Sometimes when typing, the text cursor (and mouse cursor) disappear.
Sometimes when typing, the text cursor remains visible. For example, I press
TAB and the cursor disappears; then when I start to type, the cursor may or
may not reappear. Press a letter--no cursor, press another letter, cursor
appears, press a letter-no cursor. Sometimes it appears and blinks,
sometimes it appears but doesn't blink. It seems inconsistent.

Bottom line: it can be disorienting when the text cursor is invisible,
especially while typing.

What is causing this and is this something that can be managed in Tools or





Hi eric-

The first suggestion would be to go to START>Settings>Control Panel and
check the current settings for Keyboard and for Mouse. You may also have an
additional utility depending on what type of mouse & keyboard you have.
Adjust the appropriate settings in those Control Panels & see if that
improves the situation.

If not, go back into th Control Panel for Display. The content will vary
depending on your system specifics, but somewhere in there you will find a
setting for Hardware Accelleration (usually on the Settings page, click
Advanced). Back the setting down a little at a time until the behavior is

HTH |:>)

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