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I am the data admin for a training database and we have mandatory classes
that have to be taken every year. Currently I have a report that feeds from
a perameter by date query that shows the employess and what mandatory classes
they have to take. Say an employee has to take a class in Jan and we know
this from my current query and then they are retrained. Then I enter that
the employee was retrained in that particular class. When my manager runs
the query for Jan again that same employee still shows in the report that
he/she still needs to take that class. Is there away to write a query so
that once a class has been retrained on it doesn't show up that they need to
take the class in Jan? Is there away to achieve this with out adding anyother
fields? I know that it can be done by adding a check box to the query and
specifying the criteria, unfortunatly the way the database was built, that
won't work. Just wondering if there is a different way. Any help would be



Dale Fye


Can you give us a little more info about your table structure? If I were
doing a training database, I would probably have a RequiredTraining table,
and Employees table, and a TrainingAccomplished table. In the
RequiredTraining table, I would have a field that indicates the training
period (m, q, y) and a frequency. These two fields, would give me what I
need to calculate how often (every 2 months, every quarter, every year, every
other year) an employee needs to complete the training.

I would then create a query that tells me the most recent training for each
employee/training type, and add the period and frequency (DateAdd function)
to that most recent training. If that value is greater than todays date (or
some other date I enter), I would disregard that record as "Current".





Can You provide a brief discussion of you table showing any Primary Keys, and
indices in the tables

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