combo box selected records



PLEASE HELP! I have a combo box that pulls class data from a query: course
ID, course name, and start date, in that order. Currently when the user
makes a selection there is no issue. I want to change the query so that the
first field is course name, then course id and start date. When I make this
change in the query and the user selects the course they want, after tabbing
out of the field Access changes their selection to the first date for that
particular course. For instance, we have a MUSE course with 5 different
dates, jan, apr, may, june, july. They want to select the july class but the
combo box keeps defaulting it back to the jan class which is the first class
for that course. This only happens when I try to flip those two fields
around in the query and I can't figure out why this is happening. Any help
is greatly appreciated!


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