Csv date format problem



Hi there,

I have a macro that opens a csv file with dates (and then copies them into
another file), and although the dates are in dd/mm/yyyy format (and so is my
system), they always get opened as mm/dd/yyyy. This only happens when I run
the macro, not when I do the same thing manually.

I've found a few odd workarounds, but am hoping someone can help me find
something to cater for this that will leave the dates in dd/mm/yyyy!


Gary''s Student

You (or your macro) need to invoke the Import Wizard to get the proper format.

1. swtich on the Macro Recorder
2. Data > Import External Data... > Import Data and then use the Wizard
3. stop the Macro Recorder

Examining/adapting the Recorder code should solve your problem.


As with many of these things, no idea about why the original problem occurs,
but your alternative is great so I won't bother worrying any more ... thanks
very much!

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