credentials in rdp client


Jose Luis


In Windows XP Embedded SP2. When start RDP Client, it ask for credentials
before conect to Terminal Server.

How it disable credentials in rdp client ?


I'm curious as well, I noticed that RDP Client in the new Rollup 1 is
slightly different (version 6 I guess).

The older version of the RDP Client use to allow you to enter the username
and password and save it. You would never be asked for it while using that
saved RDP file. I noticed the new version no longer allows that unless it's
just not as obvious. I have to enter my user name and password everytime
now. It even gets the user name wrong each and everytime.

It use to be John for the username, but the new RDP Client now always does
[email protected] and I have to get rid of the @ and everything behind it.

Jose Luis

In rdp 6.

Before connect to server, ask in a window logon for credentials (username
and password). This user/password is used to logon in Terminal server. If
user/password is incorrect, connect to terminal server with normal windows
terminal server logon and ask for username and password in this winlogon.

The first step is configured in Authentication Server Options (rdp client).

How can I remove the first window logon (credentials).

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