Creative Zen Vision M: mp3 player driver



My new Creative Zen Vision:M mp3 player is not working properly. When I plug
it in to the USB, it sometimes appears in Device Manager, but usually it
doesn't. I get power to the player, b/c it tries to charge, but will never
finish charging or work properly. I've contacted both Creative and Hewlett
Packard and tried several things, but nothing seems to work. When the player
does show up in Device Manger, it has a yellow Exclamation Point and says the
drivers are not installed. When I click reinstall the driver, I get the
message "A service installation in this INF is invalid." Creative said this
was a Windows problem. Hewlett Packard says it's a problem with the mp3
player. Any ideas? I just want this $300 thing I purchased to work or I
want a refund!


I think it's a Win problem and they need to address it! I only paid 100.00
for the one I had(stress "had" b/c I got a different type), and I'm
experienxing the exact same problem. :blush:) think the Win people aren't smart
enough to fix the problem or at least give us another "patch" since they love
those things??


I solved my problem....system restore. WinXP Home has a really cool system
tool for running restores backwards by date. I went back to 10/1 then
attempted to reinstall MP3 player and I'm happy to say(estatic really :blush:)
we've "ripped" our first CD!

:blush:) I'm either very slow, or very proud of who is in me!
Good luck with yours

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