Creation and Application of Patch



I have 3 MSI files. The first MSI file represents version 1.0.0, second one
1.0.1 and third one 1.0.2. I created patch files (MSP) for versions 1.0.1
and 1.0.2.

The msp file for version 1.0.2 can be installed on the machine with product
version 1.0.0 or 1.0.1. The msp files represent only minor upgrades.

Now I installed the MSI for version 1.0.2 on a machine. Then I tried to
install MSP for 1.0.1 to see what happens. It ran fine. However the version
still stayed same (1.0.2) and none of the files are modified (thank god!).
This is kind of misleading.

The platform sdk has a following section:
How do I prevent an old package from installing over a newer version?
But it only talks about major upgrades but not minor upgrades. Do I still
need to follow the same rules?



When I experimented with steps described in "How do I prevent an old package
from installing over a newer version?" in the sdk, I could not make it work.

Does this mean, it won't work for minor updates or am I doing some thing


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