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I just installed Vista on a new HDD,for the first time,and the options
greyed* out not allowing more than one partition to be created,unless they
were both primary partitions,so i chose to create one partition only,leaving
unallocated space that was not taken up with the one partition which was 3/4
of the hdd space (unallocated,to be formatted later).HOW do i create 2
partitions at that time???Why wouldnt it let me create a 2nd partion that
was not a primarly partition??

When Vista was completely installed,i see that Vista was actually installed
in the Unallocated space,which was meant to be d:\, WHY?

Anyone know?




R. McCarty

Not sure why this happened but one thing to consider is to use the Vista
disk to partition/format your "Blank" disk and then abort the installer and
reboot. This allows you to see the volumes you've created and be sure that
you designate the correct one for Vista to install to.

The destination view is usually shown in order of the disk structure.

-- 1st partition ( Should take the C:\ letter )
-- 2nd partition

Also a good idea to disconnect/disable any external drives or card readers
before doing a fresh install to prevent lettering issues.



Richard Urban

The O/S is designed this way. A 2nd and 3rd partition will automatically be
created as primary partitions. A 4th partition is created as a logical
partition. I would like to know the thought process that was behind this
decision to partition a drive in this manner.

If you want a second partition to be a logical partition you must use a 3rd
party program such as Acronis Disk Manager.



Richard Urban
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