Creating Bootable WinXP CD


Dan Calcinari

I am attempting to create a bootable cd using data from
an OEM disc from dell, I want to use only MS files and
leave out the other crap. I want to burn this disc using
Easy CD-DVD 6 or Nero6 and I can't find the BOOTSECTOR on
the web site anywhere...Can anyone help? I did try to
burn a disc using a "bootsector" by using the "format
utility" in WinXP Pro, I clicked the "create MS_Dos boot
disc" and put it on a floppy and then transferred the
files on the Floppy to the Roxio "create a bootable
disc". Then when I boot to the Disc the comp says booting
from atapi CD-rom but then it goes to an A:\prompt. Can
anyone help? have I done this incorrectly or is the
A:\prompt actually a workable way to install WindowsXP on
BootUp... Any advise appreciated greatly...Dan


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