Access Creating Access databases for training record purposes

Jun 11, 2013
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So I am completely new to Access. I get the basics, create separate tables that have means to connect to one another in order to be able to track what you are looking for.

I am having a hard time deciding on how many tables to set up and what each one should include.

My ultimate goal is to have a database that tracks what training courses our employees have taken, the renewal status based on the training itself and separates the reports out by the area they work in.

So far, I have a table that lists out the employees name, ID# and the area they work in. (I work in Student Life for a university so we have a bunch of different areas that we over see, i.e. facilities, housekeeping and admin employees) Some departments overlap in the mandatory trainings. For example, workplace violence and sexual harassment. Most trainings are specific to the department. For facilities it's mostly mechanically based.

Second table lists out the training/course name and renewal: yearly, bi-yearly, etc.

I guess my confusion lays in how to connect the two when running reports? Or if I need a third table?

Any guidance will be helpful.


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