Create rule for specfic forwarded mails


Arne Hegefors

Hi! Several times a day I get forwarded e mails. They all come from the same
person, Person B. However I do not wish to create a rule for all the mails I
get from Person B. The ones I want to create a rule for are all sent from
person C to Person B and then forwarded to me. That is the only way to
distinguish these mails from the one sthat I do not want to create a rule for
(the subject varies from time to time). Is there any way to create a rule for
this (eg based on the e mail adress that the mail was orginially sent from)?
most grateful for any help!

Roady [MVP]

You can create a rule with 2 conditions for this;
from person B
with <specific words> in the message body

Depending on how the forwarded messages look like, you must either put in
the name or address of Person C in the <specific words> part.

Vince Averello

You might be able to create a rule that checks the text of the message for
Person C's address and that the From address was Person B and that the
Subject contains 'Fw'

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