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Aug 30, 2012
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I've a simple script which creates a new custom contacts folder and fills it with data based on a CSV file. Everything works well when I manually launch the script in VBA editor.

So I assigned the script to launch on outlook startup (Private Sub Application_Startup()). When I launch outlook, it indeed launches the script, however it only creates a new entry in the "Address Book", it doesn't create a new item in the "My Contacts" folder. "My Contacts" only contains the default items: Suggested Contacts and Contacts.

As I said, this issue only occurs when I launch the script using Application_Startup() method. If I launch the script manually (pressing F5), it creates entries in both Address Book and "My Contacts" folder. I even tried to delay the script launch a bit by inserted a sleep (5000) method (thinking there are too many entries, application is not able to handle all of them at once), but that didn't help.

The issue gets even more weird, when I try to repeat exactly the same process on the other computers - some of them work correctly, while others not. I can't seem to find the problem, hopefully someone knows what am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance.


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