Create an adress book to synchronise with a PDA



Hi everybody,

I have a contact list with more than 7000 contacts.
I want to create one that I will use for usual use and to synchronise
with my pda (100 contacts).

I have no idea how to copy and paste a contact between to adress book
(on the same outlook, on the same machine) easily? Can someone help

I am also using activsync for the PDA synchronisation. I want to
synchronise one specific adress book and not all my adresses. Does
someone has an idea?

I am using OUtlook 2003.





Roady [MVP]

It depends on the mobile device that you have. Some allow you to filter by
category. Then you can configure ActiveSync to only sync addresses that are
for instance in the Mobile category.

Otherwise, you can create a second Contacts folder via File-> New->
In the new folder put all the contacts that you don't like to be synced to
your mobile device as ActiveSync will only sync your main Contacts folder.

To move your contacts, simply use drag & drop or use Edit-> Move to

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