crazy cycling



My computer has just started cycling-loggin on and off
continuously for a week now. I have tried letting it
troubleshoot its way out of it and have unplugged both the
mouse and keyboard thinking maybe that would do, but to no
use to me.
can someone please walk me step by step on how to make
sure that my teenage boys did not get into the boot up
section and do a "no-no"ie F8 or F2...or something crazy.
I need to know that it is setup correct for my use. Just
home computer, resumes, school papers, surfing the net,
just simple computer work that life has come to a
standstill until I can fix it.


Just unplugging the keyboard does not help.
This maybe very simple, but here we go...
1. Power off the computer. Unplug the power cord for 15 seconds.
2. Get a known "GOOD" keyboard. UNPLUG the mouse.
3. Re-attach the power cord
4. Power on the computer.

What happens ? Be detailed in what you see ?
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