CPU running at 45%



My CPU is constantly running at 45%. And seriously impedes PC performance.
When I view Task Manager\Processes there seems to be no processes running
except for System Idle Process. But CPU Usage: reads between 40% - 50%. I
have done multiple virus\spyware scans, and I have a firewall, and still have
found nothing. Is there any advice that someone can give me.

Gerry Cornell


What specific anti-spyware programmes have you used?

Another approach would be to download Process Explorer.

For further information about Process Explorer see here:

To ascertain which service is causing the problem select the svchost
producing the high CPU usage, right click,
select Properties, Services. Note there are the full names and
some explanation of what each service does.

You will find further information on Services here:

To trace the particular Service involved you need to turn off each
service in turn and then restore it noting what effect it has on CPU
usage. However, you need to take care and watch what other Services are
dependent on that service. When you click on the Dependencies tab allow
it a little time to display the information.


I am using Ad-Aware. I will try the software and suggestions you have given
me and let you know. Thanks.

Gerry Cornell


Try the Microsoft Anti-Spyware beta:

It is described as a beta but they have ironed out most of the bugs since
Microsoft acquired Giant.


Hope this helps.


Stourport, Worcs, England
Enquire, plan and execute.
Please tell the newsgroup how any
suggested solution worked for you.



I downloaded Process explorer and found out it is my interupts. Taking up so
much CPU usage. How do I correct.

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