CountIf & multiple criteria


Otto Moehrbach

Excel XP
The formula =CountIf(A1:A50,"<80") counts the cells that have a value less
than 80. How would I modify this formula to change the criteria to less
than 80 AND more than 50? Thanks for your time. Otto



Bernard Liengme

Number less than 80 subtract number less than 50
=CountIf(A1:A50,"<80") - CountIf(A1:A50,"<50")
You may need: Number less than 80 subtract number less than or equal to 50
=CountIf(A1:A50,"<80") - CountIf(A1:A50,"<=50")

OR use SUMPRODUCT to range <80 and range > 50
=SUMPROUDCT(--(A1:A50<80) ,--(A1:A50>50))

For more details on SUMPRODUCT
Bob Phillips
J.E McGimpsey
Debra Dalgleish

best wishes

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