COUNTIF for multiple sheets



Hey all,

I've got a "Master" sheet and an "Archive" sheet. I'm needing to coun
how many times I use a title from the "Master" sheet. In other words,
select any number of titles and then archive that list in the "Archive
sheet. So I need a formula to count how many times the title from th
"Master" sheet is shown on the "Archive" sheet.

I've tried: =COUNTIF(ARCHIVE!B:B,Master!B2) but that returns a 0.

Thanks for your help,



.. tried: =COUNTIF(ARCHIVE!B:B,Master!B2) but that returns a 0

Nothing wrong with your formula,
so its probably a data consistency or extra white space(s) issue

You could try cleaning up both source lists using TRIM,
or as-is, use TRIM in SUMPRODUCT
(as COUNTIF doesn't allow TRIM):
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Thanks Max,

You were right, there was nothing wrong with my formula, just somethin
odd in Excel. All the amounts returned down the list were correct, jus
B2 was returning a 0. I retyped the title in B2 and that corrected th
problem. I like the formula you suggested though. I used it i
another app. so I appreciate the help even though I wasn't asking abou
that project.


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