Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply


Mar 25, 2003
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Hot Hardware have reviewed the Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply - a beast of a power supply!

"Corsair’s attention to detail and understanding of the enthusiast community has allowed the company to evolve from a memory manufacturer into a well-regarded supplier of cases, cooling hardware, input devices, PC audio, power supplies, gaming accessories and storage devices. Their latest product, the Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply, takes things a step further and blazes a trail by adding some innovative and useful features not found in any competing products.

The Corsair AX1200i Digital ATX Power Supply’s name hints at this PSU’s 1200 watt rating, but beyond its monstrous power output, the AX1200i is also highly efficient and sports a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide digitally-controlled power and an interface to Corsair’s Corsair Link software for real-time monitoring and control. There are quite a few other features to the AX1200i worth mentioning as well, which we’ll get to on the pages ahead. First up, here’s a quick peek at some of the unit’s specs and a look at what Corsair includes in the AX1200i’s box..."

You can read the full review here.


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