Corrupt System.adm



Hi There

I get an error message appearing when I try to access the Administrative
Templates section of the group policy. The error mesasge I get is :

"The following error occured in

\\DomainName\SysVol\DomainName\Policies\{GUID}\Adm\system.adm on line 63:

Error 62 The corresponding string was not found in the [strings] section

Found: !!AdministrativeServices_Help

The file can not be loaded."

I did some research and found that even though the adm does not load in the
GP the policy is still applied. I tested this and the policy is still
applied but I cannot acess the adm file to make any changes. the issue seems
to be some error in the code in the adm file. I opened it but could not make
much sense out of it. the problem started after intruding a new 2k3 server
in a 2k domain and accessing the GP from their. I would really like some
help to resolve this issue and access the adm again. I know i can just
upload a new system adm to overwrite the old one but it has a lot of
settings that will need to be reset again which will not be practical at
this stage!

I saw a post before about a similar problem but there did not seem to be a



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