Chris Mills

In case anyone thinks I have gone away on the subject of MVP corruption in
matters of Access Security, not by a long shot and I will name them here.

I apologise that, due to the southern hemisphere summer, I am spending more
time sailing/fishing and less time monitoring CORRUPT MVP's...

(Understandable, since they're a "clique" who have a need to stand up for
each other)

CORRUPT MVP's (in matters of Access Security) are Jeff Conrad and Tony
Toews, by their own posted web-wites. Jeff's volumous disclaimer even goes
so far as to say as much, by claiming he doesn't!!! And ably supported by
Lynn clap-Trapp MVP, for goodness knows what reason.

Other MVP's, with no balls or other attributes on this subject other than to
shoot the messenger on cracking, are Douglas J Steele (Purported MVP) and
Brendan Reynolds (Purported MVP). Joan Wild (Purported MVP) is strangely
silent on the matter of MVP's apperently supporting cracking software (for
legitimate purposes <cough cough> I've suddendy developed a cough.)

The "purported" does not refer to their undoubted status, just the meaning
of "MVP". If MVP's can post cracking s/w, why not just be done with it and
have MS post cracks to their own miserable s/w? Well, why not?

I don't expect replies from plonkers. Given that a plonk-ee requires a

Chris Mills

Douglas J. Steele

Chris, what is your problem?

You seem to prefer pretending that there are no problems with security,
perhaps misleading your clients into believing that their data is safe.

Get over it!

Sylvain Lafontaine

And I will add to that the MVPs are not on the MS' payroll list and are free
to express their own opinions.

If MS is not satisfied with the opinion expressed by a MVP, then they have
the choice of not renewing his or her MVP award. If they choose not to do
so, then it's their choice, not the choice of someone else.