Copying info from worksheet to worksheet if info matches



Hi there,
would be grateful for any help.
I have a very large workbook with many linked sheets. I would like to copy
info from worksheet to worksheet if the information matches:
sheet1 (new clients), column A (company name), column J (sector)
Sheet2 (baseline info), column A (company name), column L (sector)

If I add a company name into sheet2 I would like sheet1colA searched for the
matching company name and the information from sheet1colJ of the matching row
to be automatically populated into sheet2colL.
e.g if Fred Bloggs Ltd, music (sector) in sheet 1 then Fred Bloggs Ltd in
sheet 2 should automatically become (sector) Music.


in column L sheet 2 enter



Hi Eduardo,
thanks for the help but it is not working
I am getting N/A#
I thought it might be an array so tried with CSE but to no avail.
I'm working in excel 2003 does that make a difference??

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