matching & combining data from seperate worksheets



Hi, I am working on a data import and need to get the opportunity name from
one data source into the appropriate row to matching shipments from another
data source, I have two matching fields in each database. customer id and
part number..

I need to search 2 columns of data by row on two seperate worksheets and
return a seperate column if they match.

Worksheet A: Shipment Data, Column C (customer id) & column F (Item Id)
Worksheet B: Opportunity Data, Column A (customer id) & column B (Part Number)

on worksheet A Column E, I need a formula that will search column C on
current worksheet and compare it to column A from worksheet B, if a customer
id matches, I need it to compare the item id's from the same row, if both the
customer id and item/part # match on a row, then I need it to return the
opportunity name (column C from Worksheet B) to the row that contains the
matching cust. Id and part numb on worksheet A .

is this even possible?


Don Guillett

Don Guillett
Microsoft MVP Excel
SalesAid Software
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Don Guillett

Sounds like a sumproduct formula will work for you.

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