Copying excel worksheets to new worksheet



I know how to copy a worksheet to make a new worksheet but can anyone tell me
how to copy a worksheet so that when it is copied across the column widths
and row heights are excatly the same as the original.

It is becoming a pain that after copying it I have to go through the whole
of the new worksheet(s) changing column widths and row heights to the
original widths and heights.



Luke M

When you copy an entire worksheet, it should preserve columns width. If
you're manually copying sections of the worksheet over, when you go to paste,
right-click select paste special, and select column width. Then you
immediately do a regular paste on top on that.




You can copy a worksheet into the same workbook by holding the CTRL
key down and dragging the sheet tab to where you want it to appear (a
little arrow indicates where). Excel will add (2) or (3) etc to the
name of the new sheet, but you can easily rename it by double-clicking
the tab. This gives you an exact copy, so all formatting including
column widths etc remains the same.

Hope this helps.


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