Copying Excel formulas from one Workbook to another


Deb G

I have a workbook that has 13 worksheets. One for each month and then one for
a tally of all worksheets to get quarterly and ytd totals. I created 5 of
these for 5 different depts

A user corrupted the 13th summary page in one dept. I want to copy the 13th
summary page from one dept (one workbook) to the other dept (second
workbook). Every time I copy and paste, it also pastes the location of the
first workbook. I do not want to copy the workbook location, I just want to
copy the formulas. If I try paste special to get the formulas only, it still
copies in the the first workbook location. Is there a way to copy and paste
formulas from one workbook to another without the original workbook location
also copying?

Thank You!



Barb Reinhardt

Try doing a find/replace and replacing the workbook name with blank on the
worksheet of interest.

Deb G

Barb, don't know how to thank saved me hours!!!!!! of work! This
resolution worked like a charm!



Gord Dibben

Select the range to copy.


What: =

With: ^^^

Replace all.

Copy that range to the other workbook then reverse the process in both books or
just close the source book without saving.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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