copy x.user profile to y.user profile



We're currently migrating from AD to NDS for some users and they have a
username that they've been using on AD which created the domain profile on
their local machine. We want to be able to have them login using novell, and
also log in locally. When we go in as an admin to copy the x.user.domain
profile to the y.user.local profile basic settings get copied over but some
programs don't work, etc. I know some settings are hardwired but is there a
way to get the profile copied over?

here's a better example:

user jdoe has a profile called DOMAIN\Jdoe on his PC. We create a local
profile called XXXX\jdoe1 on the local machine. We then go and copy the
DOMAIN\jdoe profile to XXXX\jdoe1 using the copy profile utility from "My
Computer - Properties - Advanced - etc. etc.". When we login as the
XXXX\jdoe1 user after the profile has been copied, some programs don't work,
and our My Documents mapping isn't there either (we have it mapped to a
separate partiion).

Any ideas if this can be done or not?

Thanks in advance.

Steven L Umbach

I have no experience with NDS but what I would do is to make sure you select
"permitted to use" before copying the profile and give the appropriate user
permissions to the profile and you can verify that when done as it should
show that the user has full control permissions. As far as some programs not
working compare local group membership for the new user compared to the new
user which can be done with the command net user username or check and
modify NTFS permissions for the application if needed to allow the user
access hopefully. Unfortunately some poorly written applications require
that the user be local administrator if attempts to modify NTFS/registry
permissions to accommodate the application do not work and possibly the old
user is in the local administrators group and the new user is not. You may
have to manually configure the new profile to use the different partition
for my documents. If this is for a lot of users there may be a scripting or
registry mod that may work though offhand I don't know of one but those in
the setup_deployment or scripting newsgroups may. --- Steve

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