Copy to network share on Vista machine causes error



I have a strange problem. I now have my network shares on my new Vista
machine. Everything works fine until I want to copy several files fast
from an XP machine to a network share. Then the network slows to a
halt and the vista machine disappears off the radar briefly.
It happens when I am copying photographs from a memory stick via an XP
machine to a Vista share. Or when copying TomTom (Navigator update)
files from the net to a Vista share.
In both cases the Vista machine temporarily disappears from the radar
and the XP machine (of course) slows to a halt too.
Why just when copying photographs or navigator files from either a
memory stick or the net? Usually after about nine files. Not when
copying directly between XP and Vista shares.


I have a similar problem copying photographs from my camera via my Vista
laptop and network to a XP desktop's external hard drive. Not so much the
slowness, but it has corrupted the files transferred and also somehow other
files in the destination folder. Then I get a "insufficient quota" error
message and it will refuse to copy anything else from the laptop to the
desktop (any files at all from anywhere to anywhere else). This is despite
the fact that I have no quotas set (quotas are disabled). This situation
continues until I reboot the laptop. I am now afraid to transfer data over
the network for fear of losing files. I also have the problem, perhaps
related, that the external HD I am copying to keeps disappearing from the
network. Sometimes when you boot the laptop it is there sometimes it isn't
and I have to re-share it from the desktop. Windows networking really sucks.

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