Copy SID of User from One domain to another


Randy R.

I have Users A in domain A and User B in domain B (in separate forest) -
same user just different accounts in different forest/domain.

I will be collapsing / geting rid of Domain A - how can I merge the SID of
User A into his User B account?


Guido G

you'll need to leverage SIDhistory in Domain B - i.e. you're Domain B users
will have an additional SID of the Domain A users, after you've added Domain
A user's SID to the SIDhistory attribute of the respective Domain B user.
But don't forget, that the User's SID is often the least of your worries =>
it's the groups that typically grant most access for users so you'll want to
merge their SID to appropriate groups in the other forest as well and (just
as important) add the Domain B users to the appropriate groups that the
Domain A users belonged to.

This can be done via script (leveraging the ClonePrincipal API -
or by using more powerful tools which do it UI based and much more

Microsoft's ADMTv3 (still beta) is quite powerful and it's worth to use the
beta instead of ADMTv2. Also have a look at third party tools such as Quest
Migration Manager.


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