copy rows from one Data sheet to another sheet based on cell conte


John McKeon

I could really use your help.

I have a worksheet with multiple tabs (sheets). I have one sheet with all
the data in it. Each row of data is defined by an identifier in the cells in
column C. There are only 4 options of identifiers. I would like to have
data, when entered into the data sheet copy and past each row into a
corresponding sheet without empty rows in-between on the new sheets.

In other words, each row assigned to identifier = John Doe will have a copy
of that row placed in a sheet named John Doe. I can do this with sorting,
copy / paste. I would like to see if Excel will do this with a macro or if
there is a function that will auto copy & paste without leaveing empty rows
on John Doe Sheet. I have not done a successful macro and am looking for
another option.

I would really appreciate your help with this. It is a large bit of data
that needs to be updated often and the sort - C/P is getting real old.
Thanks in advance.





Terry Cano

I use the Advanced filter to extrat data from the sheet 1 to another sheet
based on the the is pretty starightforward. See if that will
work for you

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